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Going to get a M.A.S.K.?
Posted by John McDonald on 04 April 2017 10:15 PM

Keep watching here for an exciting new service by Masscot Internet coming soon!


It ain't the Lone Ranger but just as good to stop the bad guys!

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Posted by Serhiy Hryva on 23 February 2017 05:34 PM


This weekend we will be giving all our customers a major upgrade at no cost. It is more than an upgrade, we are completely replacing our present servers with all brand new, bigger, faster servers, with advanced operating systems.


Over the weekend of February 25-26, during the overnight hours, we will be migrating all our customer's web sites to our brand-new web servers. Our new servers are the latest generation 900GB DELL/EMC RAID 10 mirrored disc arrays, each configured with 6 300GB Enterprise High Speed Hard Drives.  (900GB x 2) If the above confuses you, please let me explain. 

When your present web site is migrated to your new RAID10 server, instead of having one site, you will really have two identical sites that will act as a single web site.  It is like having identical twins doing the same job.  Just like two hands being better than one, two sites are better than one.  Your twin sites will share the work load so your will site will be faster. In the remote chance that one of your twin sites should fail, your site’s traffic is automatically directed to the good twin until the problem twin is repaired. Your site won’t miss a beat. 


  1. The switchover to the new servers should be nearly seamless. We will port forward all relevant traffic (SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, HTTPS) from your present server to your new one so at cutover time there is no issue. Time to Live for all zones will be set to 300, so DNS will update within 5 minutes. Your DNS host names will not change. Only the IP addresses for and will change not the host server names.
  2. Although we are not expecting any problems with the migration, we are moving several hundred web sites, and we will need to upgrade databases on some of the older sites to be compatible with the new servers. In the unlikely event that an issue develops on your site during migration, we ask you to visit your web site on Sunday February 26th and let us know of any issues you find with your site by opening a support ticket with the subject Migration (plus Your Domain Name). We will resolve any reported issues quickly.


NEW - Masscot Premium Cloud Based Spam Control: 

This service can Block 99.98% of all spam and rely on an industry leading false-positive ratio of less than one in 1 a million. You are protected from spam, viruses, and being blacklisted. Details and pricing available March 1.Available Microsoft

Exchange Email Server

Available through a technology partner. (Annual Contract Only)

Mail Channels:

This is included free for your outgoing mail and is already in operation. It checks your outgoing mail and intercepts email that would get you blacklisted. It routes legitimate mail through an   IPs that is allowed by the recipient’s mail server.

NEW Drone Video Photography:

Make your web site jump out and grab attention by adding high definition 4K HD Video to your web site. Masscot has partnered with AMPD Media Productions to provide 4K Video aerial video and photography for your web site. Their professional GPS guided drone, has intelligent built in collision avoidance systems,  can stay airborne for nearly 30 minutes at a time, has a range of over 4 miles, and can hover in place or travel at speeds up to 40 mph.  

The 3-axis remote controlled gimbal mounted camera is steady and produces amazingly steady results.  Their drone is piloted by an FAA licensed commercial drone pilot aided by an assistant and is flown in compliance with all Federal laws.  Regular rate is $200 per hour but between now and Labor Day 2017 AMPD Media services are avail to Masscot customers for only $125 per hour anywhere in SE Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island.  Watch this video by AMPD Media’s drone. Actual AMPD Drone Video

SEO360 You can never have too much traffic to your web site. 

We can help your site rank in the top 10 in major search engines like Google. Being on the top page is critical to your success. Over seventy percent of all Americans go to the Internet first when they are looking for products, services, and information. Contact Support for details. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new servers, please send an email to with the subject being "MIGRATION (plus your domain name)".

Thank you so much for being a Mascot customer.  Some of you have been with us for all our 28 years.  We will continue to do our best to keep up with the fast pace of the advances in Internet technology.  If there is some feature you want that you don’t see us offer, please let us know we will try to provide it.

Masscot Internet Staff


Phone: 508-778-4500

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Domain Registration Updated Price Structure
Posted by John McDonald on 01 April 2016 06:06 PM

Dear Masscot Customers:

We have been advised of an increase in our cost of certain domain registrations TLDs effective April 1, 2016.  

The TLDs effected are .net , .org , .info ,  .us , .biz , and .com.  The new rates for these domains are:

Annual Registration:    $23 per year

5 Year Registration:     $95  (Saves $20)

10 Year Registration   $190  (Saves $40)


Although we do not have the information available yet, we have been told that costs for some of the other TLDs will be coming down. We will announce those changes when we know what those will be. 





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Is Your Web Site Mobilized?
Posted by John McDonald on 07 August 2015 01:02 PM

Is your web site Mobilized?  If it isn't yet, it should be.  For several months we have been working hard on making mobile versions for customer's older web sites that were built before mobilization became an issue. This is because a few months ago, Google announced that they will be lowering the ranking of web sites who do not have a mobile version when searched on smart phones, tablets and the like.  

The term for a web site that responds appropriately to the users viewing device in a manner created for that device is "Responsive".  Your web site needs to be Responsive so it displays correctly on all devices.  For most sites we can accomplish this with about 1-2 hours work. 

Consider that according to Google:

1. There are now more Mobile Phones than PCs.

2. 64% of Internet traffic is now from mobile devices.

3. The average, person checks their phone or tablet every 6 minutes.

4.  People use mobile Apps 6 times more than websites.

5.  Nearly 80% of smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.

6. 50% of users make purchases on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on Desktops.

7. 73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.

8. Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.

If your web site is not mobilized or "responsive" please open a support ticket today and reserve your place in line as the demand is high. 




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Scams and Phishing on the Rise
Posted by John McDonald on 12 September 2014 11:36 PM

Attention Masscot Customers:


We received a couple of new new scam emails today and since they was fairly convincing at first glance we wanted ot make you aware or them so that you can be on the look out:

Subject: Domain Notification: YOUR NAME This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing - YOUR DOMAIN NAME

Delete these immediately - We tested their site with Malwarebytes (a program from that we consider a must have for ourselves and all customers) and it immediately detected maware on the site.

There was one other but Malwarare bytes killed is so fast I can't relate who t was from but the email itself was a virus or malware that would have infected my computer if it had not been stopped.


Always be very careful with email. Before doing anthing, look at the from field. Is it from some ridiculous domain? Don't even trust emails from people you know if they have links you were not expecting. Especially is the message is short like "You have to see this? and a link etc. If you thin it might be real contact your friend by phone or anothe email address but do not reply to the suspicious email. If you get something from a bank. NEVER CLICK ON A LINK. Even if you think it is legit! ALway just go to your regular login you alway use not the one in any email.

Our support gets calls and emails almost daily from customers asking about email renewal notices etc. If we register your domain name, or host your website, if the sender is not an address that is something it probably is spam or a scam. But if it doubt do not hesitate to forward it to our support and ask if we actually sent it.






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