Clearing browser cache
Posted by Serhiy Hryva on 31 January 2011 06:03 PM

Often referred to as the cache, the Temporary Internet Files folder contains a kind of travel record of the items you have seen, heard, or downloaded from the Web, including images, sounds, Web pages, even cookies. Typically these items are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder.

Storing these files in your cache can make browsing the Web faster because it usually takes your computer less time to display a Web page when it can call up some of the page's elements or even the entire page from your local Temporary Internet Files folder.

All those files stored in your cache take up space, so from time to time, you may want to clear out the files stored in your cache to free up some space on your computer. This is called clearing the cache. Clearing the cache will also force your browser to re-download any changes you have made to a web page that was once being stored on your computer.

Here's how to clear your cache in IE6, IE7 and Firefox 2.x:

1. On the Internet Explorer 6 Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options box should open to the General tab.
2. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button. This will delete all the files that are currently stored in your cache.
3. Click OK, and then click OK again.

1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2. On the General tab, in the Browsing history section, click the Delete... button. This will bring up the Delete Browsing History Box. Select the Delete files... button to delete Temporary Internet Files. After you select delete a box will appear asking you to confirm you would like to delete the files. Select Yes.
3. Click Yes again, and then click Close and OK again.

Firefox 2.x
1. Click Tools and select Options.
2. Click the Advanced icon and click the Network tab.
3. Click Clear Now under the Cache section.
4. Click Ok.
5. Exit and relaunch the browser.

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