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Mail Manager allows you to manage the mail services of your domain and websites. In addition to adding, deleting, and editing email accounts, you may also:

  • Track used and available quota for each mailbox.
  • View a summary of all mailboxes you host.
  • Change the password for individual accounts.
  • Set the mailbox allowance for individual accounts.
  • Set up email forwarding and auto responders.
  • Allow the use of Mail Manager with web-based email programs such as Web Mail.

To access the Mail Manager:

Select the Mail Manager application from your Control Panel.

Managing email addresses

To manage the functions of an email address other than the default:

  • Click the email address name link you want to modify from the right panel. The Mailbox (email address page is displayed on the left. This page provides information on the type of account (POP or IMAP), and gives you several options for configuring the email address.

      Click the change the password for the email address link to change the password for an email address. The Change the password page is displayed. Type in the new password, re-enter it, and click the Change button. A confirmation message is displayed.

      Note: The password should contain atleast six characters and should not exceed more than eight characters. The password should not contain any special characters.

      Click the delete (the email address) link to delete an email address. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete the address. Once you have clicked the Delete button, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the email address is deleted.

      You may also forward emails to users in your domain automatically. Select the Forward email addressed to (Email address) to other address(es) within (domain) check box and then select the email addresses from the Users in your domain box.

      To forward emails to users outside your domain, select the Forward email addressed to (Email address) to address(es) outside your (domain) check box and then type the email address in the below text box.

      You can set an Autoresponse for the address by selecting the Autoresponse for mail to (Email address) check-box and type the response in the text-box below. This response will be sent out every time an email is received by the address you are modifying.

      To manage the default email address:

      All mail not forwarded to a specific email account will be delivered to the default account. To manage this address, click on default.

      This page will allow you to manage the following settings for your default email setting:

      • Bounce (reject) all emails not addressed to a specific address.
      • Forward default emails to other addresses to users both in and out of your domain.
      • Set up auto-responses for mail caught by the default.

      To add a new address:

      1. Enter a username.
      2. Enter a password.
      3. Re-enter the password.
      4. Select an account type and assign a mailbox size. The size you choose will be the maximum amount of space this user's mailbox will be able to occupy on your domain.
      5. Click Add. Once the new mailbox is added, a confirmation page should display.
  • Mailing Lists

    Once enabled, Mailing Lists are created and managed through Mail Manager. For more information, see Mailing List

    Security Control

    Three mail security options may be available in your Control Panel: Quaranteen, SpamGuard, and SpamVault. Quaranteen is an anti-virus program that scans each piece of email for viruses before passing the email onto your inbox. It can also be configured to block attachments with certain extensions. SpamGuard and SpamVault are anti-spam programs designed to filter out spam before it reaches your inbox.

    All three services must be installed through their own Control Panel icons. Quaranteen and SpamGuard are managed from the Mail Manager, and SpamVault is managed from its Control Panel icon.

    To enable Quaranteen:

    1. Click the Quaranteen icon in your Control Panel
    2. Click the Enable Quaranteen button.

    To enable SpamGuard:

    1. Click the SpamGuard icon in your Control Panel
    2. Click the Enable SpamGuard button.

    Mailbox Quotas

    All users can be assigned a mailbox quota when their mailboxes are created. You can view the individual quota usage and limits on in the left-hand panel of the Mail Manager homepage. In front of each user's name, there are three columns displayed: Mailbox Quota [MB], a progress bar, and Actual Mailbox [MB].

    The first column shows the mailbox quota allocated to each user. The figures displayed also act as links to each user's Edit Account page. The second column displays a progress bar, which graphically represents the percentage of quota used. The third column shows the disk space actually used, in Megabytes (MB).

    • If the quota used is less than fifty percent, the progress bar will be green.
    • If the quota used is between fifty and seventy-five percent, the progress bar will be yellow.
    • If the quota used is greater than seventy-five percent, the progress bar will be red.

    If quota is not set for a particular user then the Mailbox Quota column will display zero. No progress bar will displayed, and the third column will display the Actual used quota by the user. A quota of zero means that the upper limit for the user is the unused space on the domain.

    The Default account will be displayed at the bottom of the email account list irrespective of the sorting order selected.

    Total Quota Set

    is the total space allowed for all mail boxes, shown in Megabytes (MBs). It is the cumulative value of Mailbox Quota for all the users.

    Total Email Quota Used

    is the total quota used for all users for whom quota has been set.


    Over Quota Auto-Responder

    You may set the over-quota auto-responder text. When email is sent to a mailbox that is over-quota, the message you set will be automatically sent to the message's sender.

    To set the over-quota auto-responder

    1. Click the Set Over - Quota Auto - Responder here link.
    2. Enter or add the auto-responder text in the given text area.
    3. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to make no changes and return to the Mail Manager homepage.
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