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To open a ticket you must first register in the system at and respond to the authentication email:

1. Click on Submit a Ticket and enter the Email Address and Password with which you registered in our Support System.

2. Select the appropriate Department for your ticket (Emergency and Critical are to be used only if a website is down or some function critical to the operation of the site such as a Shopping Cart or receiving orders by email are not functioning.) Click on Next.

3. Enter a Subject that says your doamin and describes the nature of your ticket, a Detailed Description or the request or problem and Attach up to 10 files to support your request.

4. Click on Submit.

5. You should receive an Emailed Response confirming that your ticket has been received.



ht://Dig Website Search Engine is a website search tool that can be installed to your domain to search your website.

The ht://Dig system is a complete World Wide Web indexing and searching system for a domain or intranet.

It does not replace search engines, such as Lycos, or Google. Instead, it handles search needs within a particular website. ht://Dig Website Search Engine performs three major functions: digging, merging, and searching.

Digging: ht://Dig uses the term digging instead of harvesting or gathering. While digging, ht://Dig follows all hyperlinks it comes across. Each document is examined and any unique words in it are extracted and stored in the following two files, a list of all words and a database of all the URLs.

Merging: The data gathered in the digging process must be converted into information the search engine can use through an htmerge program. This merges data gathered from several databases with the new information gathered during the digging phase.

Searching: This stage uses the information found to search the domain(s). The information found in the searches of the domains is displayed as HTML.

To access ht://Dig, go to your Control Panel and click on your ht://Dig Search Engine icon. Clicking on the ht://Dig icon displays complete information.

James (2:53 PM) :
I meant to say.. "4.09 will lose the default permissions new customers receive in the Control Panel"
Masscot (2:53 PM) :
What does an upgrade cost installed?
James (2:54 PM) :
Do you know your license number?
Masscot (2:54 PM) :
Would it be in the admin?
James (2:54 PM) :
No, it was emailed.
Masscot (2:55 PM) :
Not off hand it was about 2 years ago though
James (2:55 PM) :
ok, I'll look it up
Masscot (2:55 PM) :
Ok thanks
James (2:56 PM) :
Is your email
Masscot (2:57 PM) :
James (2:57 PM) :
ok, I'll send the info to you.
Masscot (2:57 PM) :
ok thanks
James (3:01 PM) :
4.11 is just around the corner as well. Huge new feature for mulitple queues. So if you want to have mini help desks all under 1 installation, this should do the trick. We also added customer viewing limitations, FAQ viewing limitations, and even allow joining with AND and OR.
James (3:01 PM) :
4.11 beta may be available as soon as next week.
Masscot (3:04 PM) :
Ok things are tight but I am starting to get a lot of complaints about the blank screen. We are just a small company and only two of us accessing the tickets on the tech side.
James (3:05 PM) :
Keep your eyes peeled for lack of permissions being stored for you new customers. If so, it's the 4.09 control panel problem.
Masscot (3:05 PM) :
James (3:05 PM) :
Re-assigning permissions to all customers can also be done using the SQL monitor. More info in our discussions forums about that.
Masscot (3:06 PM) :
Ok I will check it out

We have held off as long as we could but because of escalating costs, for the first time in 15 years we must increase our rates for web design, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization and similar labor intensive tasks.

Hosting support continues to offered free with your hosting package.

Effective October 1, 2014 our hourly rate is $90 per hour billed in 1 minute increments. While competitive companies charge as much as $125 per hour or more, with a 1 hour minimum, Masscot will continue to invoice customers at the rate of $1.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum.  We don't believe in gouging our loyal customers, some of which have been with us for over 20 years. 

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our web design and support.

An SSL Certificate may be installed on your domain.

SSL stands Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a protocol, which is the web standard for encrypting communications between users and websites.

Data that is sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption. A web server certificate is required to initialize an SSL session; a GeoTrust SSL Certificate allows you to initialize an SSL session.

To order a SSL Certificate for your site please open a ticket in our Support Suite.