Knowledgebase : Domain Registrations
The best that can be done is to file a back order for this domain name. This means that the back order system will attempt to grab it the second it becomes available, if and when it does in fact become available.

The cost for this service is $49 whether or not it is successful. The back order system will not accept the order if someone else already has it back ordered. The $49 includes a one year registration.

It is best to back order domains early as back orders are on a first come first serve basis. Normally any registered domain can be back ordered.

Open a ticket in the CHC if you wish us to back order a domain name for you. We perform this service at cost as a service to our customers.
Go to Parked Domains in your web site Control Panel. If you order a new domain in your web site's Control Panel it will, by default, be pointed to that web site. If you need it to point to somewhere else please contact the Customer Help Center.

If you wish to order a new web site please visit our web site and order your new web site there. You can order your new domain name and your new web site at the same time.
If you domain is registered throuh Masscot, just submit a ticket with the updated information to the Customer Help Center and we will do it for you. This service is included free with your registration.
Important Notice for .com and .net Transfers
Dear customer,

Due to recent changes to .com and .net domain names, an authorisation code (auth code) is now required for transferring domains to and from Safenames.

Transferring domain names to Safenames:
Before submitting a .com or .net domain to Safenames, please contact your existing registrar and request the auth code.

If you have a pending transfer, Safenames will contact you to request the auth code. Or, to enter the auth code via your IDP, please do the following:
1. Login to your IDP at
2. Click on the 'My IDP' menu
3. Select the 'Domain Transfers' menu, and click the 'Pending Transfers In' option
4. Click 'Edit' next to the pending domain name and enter the auth code.
5. Click 'Update' to save changes.

Transferring domain names away from Safenames:
1. Login to your IDP at
2. Click on the 'My IDP' menu
3. Select the 'Domain Transfers' menu, and click 'Domain Transfer(s) Out'
4. Select the domain name(s) to transfer away, and click Submit.

An email will be sent to the registrant e-mail address with instructions on how to obtain the auth code.

If you have a pending transfer, Safenames will send an email to the registrant with the auth code attached.

Thank you,

Safenames Ltd.
There is a short grace period of a few days when you can save your domain.

Once that grace period expires, the domain must be returned to ICANN who charges a $149 fee to restore your expired domain registration.

If you don't wish to pay that fee, it will be held by ICANN for several weeks before being made publicly available again.

Once that happens, the first person to register the domains owns it and unless you re-register it yourself you will have no further claim to that domain name.
Domain name registrations are payable in advance and are non refundable. ICANN has no provision for refunding for misspellings or other errors. The registrant bears full responsibility in the case of his own registration errors.