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Computer Locked by the FBI or Homeland Security?  It is not. It is a scam, sort of like a kidnapping and crook impersonating those government agencies trying to extory money. DO NOT PAY!


If you are ever unfortunate enough to get hit by a ransomware virus the below may help you. These are viruses that pretend to be the FBI or Homeland Security and tell you that you have been detected doing some sort of criminal activity online.  It locks your computer so you can't do anything. It is not the FBI or Homeland Security even though they look official.  They are crooks in foreign countries to are trying to extort money from you. They want you to go to a place like Western Union , CVS or some other place where you can send money. DONT DO IT.


Disconnect your computer from the Internet immediately. If you are using a cable connection pull the cable form the computer or the router. If wireless turn off wireless or turn off your wireless router. Just make sure you are not connected to the internet.

Then shut down your computer. If it is totally locked you may have to do a hard shutdown by holding down your power button.

Then restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.  If you did a hard shut down it will probably come up automatically and select . If it does select Safe Mode with Networking for the option.  If not, restart your computer and immediately keep hitting the F8 key every second until the Safe Mode menu come up.

When booted up search for  "Restore Point"  Find the most recent restore point before you got hit. Restore  your system form there. Once restored  it should restart automatically. If not restart your computer. If you are lucky the computer should be unlocked and back to normal.

If not better call your tech or if you are comfortable in doing more you can Google for Remove FBI Virus, or Remove Homeland Security Virus.
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