Domain Registration Updated Price Structure
Posted by John McDonald on 01 April 2016 06:06 PM

Dear Masscot Customers:

We have been advised of an increase in our cost of certain domain registrations TLDs effective April 1, 2016.  

The TLDs effected are .net , .org , .info ,  .us , .biz , and .com.  The new rates for these domains are:

Annual Registration:    $23 per year

5 Year Registration:     $95  (Saves $20)

10 Year Registration   $190  (Saves $40)


Although we do not have

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Is Your Web Site Mobilized?
Posted by John McDonald on 07 August 2015 01:02 PM

Is your web site Mobilized?  If it isn't yet, it should be.  For several months we have been working hard on making mobile versions for customer's older web sites that were built before mobilization became an issue. This is because a few months ago, Google announced that they will be lowering the ranking of web sites who do not have a mobile version when searched on smart phones, tablets and the like.  

The term for a web site that responds appropriately to the users

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Scams and Phishing on the Rise
Posted by John McDonald on 12 September 2014 11:36 PM

Attention Masscot Customers:


We received a couple of new new scam emails today and since they was fairly convincing at first glance we wanted ot make you aware or them so that you can be on the look out:

Subject: Domain Notification: YOUR NAME This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing - YOUR DOMAIN NAME

Delete these immediately - We tested their site with Malwarebytes (a program from that we consider a must have for ourselves

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Masscot Support System Upgrade
Posted by John McDonald on 20 August 2014 02:59 PM

To better support our customers Masscot Internet is making several changes to our support system.  Please be sure to update your address books.

Some email addresses have changed: remains unchanged. Please continue to use that address for all support requests, problem reports, and web site construction and upgrades.

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Internet Backbone Major Outage 8-12-14
Posted by John McDonald on 12 August 2014 08:06 AM

A major outage of Internet Service is effecting reaching our servers from the Northeast US, Eastern Europe, and Australia. The outage started at about 4:30am eastern time. We have not received an ETA for a restoration of service. You can monitor the situation at 


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Masscot System Emergency Maintainence February 20 10:37pm EST
Posted by John McDonald on 21 February 2014 12:46 AM

All Masscot hosted web site were taken downby our system engineers for emercency maintenance at 10:37 Eastern US time on February 20 due to a key hardware component becoming unstable and starting to fail. Engineers immediately went to work to replace the equipment and will restore service as soon as possible.

As of 12:30 AM Easterm time on February 21 some sites were beginning to come back on line and that should continue until all are restored. If you are not seeing your site

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