Masscot Support System Upgrade
Posted by John McDonald on 20 August 2014 02:59 PM

To better support our customers Masscot Internet is making several changes to our support system.  Please be sure to update your address books.

Some email addresses have changed: remains unchanged. Please continue to use that address for all support requests, problem reports, and web site construction and upgrades. Discontinued - Please do not use as your email will not be seen.

Please use for all administrative email replaces replaces

If for any reason you are unable to contact us by email  please log directly into your support account at and log in with your registered email address and password.

If for any reason you are unable to reach please use our alternate support system address at which is totally separate of our own servers and located thousands of miles away. You should be able to reach this site even is our entire system was to be down.  Your login is the email address you normally use to email support. If you have lost your password, please click the lost password link and the system will email you your password.


NOTE:  Our servers are rarely down. In fact our uptime over the past month is 99.98% uptime as tracked by a remote testing company. Almost 100% of web site down complaints are the result of getting blocked by our security as being suspicious.

We take security very seriously and have firewalls in place to prevent hacking and other attacks. If you cannot reach your website, it is most likely you have accidently triggered a security alert and our security systems have blocked your access.  If you enter an incorrect password 3 times within 500 seconds you will be blocked as a potential hacker. DON'T GET BLOCKED.  If after two consecutive tries you cannot log into you site, please wait 6 minutes before trying again. If you think you have been blocked go to or and obtain your IP address. We will need that to unblock you. You will need to go to and log in to send that in to us.



We are seriously considering adding live chat to our support sysem. We will keep you posted as to if and when we will add that.



We ae also adding new monitors to detect if our mail servers have been blacklisted anywhere. These new monitors will give us early warning of any of our mail servers getting blacklisted and provide instant links to the particular blacklist.  If we do get blacklisted, it is usually because a customer's email has been hacked or a customer has contracted a virus which allows spammers to redirect spam through that customers computer or email address.  We strongly recommend that you use very strong passwords on your email accounts and cpanel logins. We also recommend that you have a good anti-virus program such as AVG installed and updated at least weekly. In addition, we recommend all customers install Malwarebytes. With both installed you will most likely be able to prevent problems.

Also please be careful opening attachments to any email messages even if from people you know and trust, especially if there is only a link with no message, you a short message that does not sound like something they would say to you in a message.






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