Scams and Phishing on the Rise
Posted by John McDonald on 12 September 2014 11:36 PM

Attention Masscot Customers:


We received a couple of new new scam emails today and since they was fairly convincing at first glance we wanted ot make you aware or them so that you can be on the look out:

Subject: Domain Notification: YOUR NAME This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing - YOUR DOMAIN NAME

Delete these immediately - We tested their site with Malwarebytes (a program from that we consider a must have for ourselves and all customers) and it immediately detected maware on the site.

There was one other but Malwarare bytes killed is so fast I can't relate who t was from but the email itself was a virus or malware that would have infected my computer if it had not been stopped.


Always be very careful with email. Before doing anthing, look at the from field. Is it from some ridiculous domain? Don't even trust emails from people you know if they have links you were not expecting. Especially is the message is short like "You have to see this? and a link etc. If you thin it might be real contact your friend by phone or anothe email address but do not reply to the suspicious email. If you get something from a bank. NEVER CLICK ON A LINK. Even if you think it is legit! ALway just go to your regular login you alway use not the one in any email.

Our support gets calls and emails almost daily from customers asking about email renewal notices etc. If we register your domain name, or host your website, if the sender is not an address that is something it probably is spam or a scam. But if it doubt do not hesitate to forward it to our support and ask if we actually sent it.






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