URGENT: Message about attempts to KILL NET NEUTRALITY
Posted by John McDonald on 04 December 2017 10:53 PM

This message is extremely important to you and your future Internet use: 

It appears that The FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to give the giant Internet Providers like Verizon, Comcast,  for example, the absolute power to determine if their and "your" customers have the right to visit your website or any other website they don't approve of. If he has his way, on December 12, the FCC Chairman will hold a vote of the commissioners to end Net Neutrality and then if Congress and the Senate approve, the Internet as you know it will cease to exist starting next year. 

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO: This is so important that everyone who uses the Internet needs to make their opinions heard by your Congressman, Senator, FCC, and the White House. Google Net Neutrality Petitions and sign a few. But, the FCC appears that they may have already corrupted the process and tried to rig the system in favor of ENDING NET NEUTRALITY.   This letter in the next link just came out today. Be sure to click the link and read what 28 US Senators sent to the FCC Chairman about the suspected corruption and asking to delay the vote and for an investigation. (Also click on the link to the letter itself.)

Read the letter from 28 Senators to the FCC

You are about to lose your online freedoms unless you fight back: Right now, your free internet rights are protected by a law called Net Neutrality. It insures that you and every other U.S. Citizen have the equal right to visit any website on the Internet that you choose. The ISPs that give you your access to the internet, currently have only the right to provide you with access, but not what you do with that access, as long as you pay your ISP bill.

But that isn't good enough for them. They want total control over what U.S. Citizens see and do on the Internet. In other words, they want to take away your online freedom and claim it for themselves. . THIS IS VERY UN AMERICAN.

These giant ISPs have spent millions of dollars  lobbying the government to give themselves this unfair power.  President Obama prevented this unabashed takeover of the Internet last time they tried. This is how we got the Net Neutrality that we enjoy right now. But, President Trump has instructed his FCC Chairman to end Net Neutrality and fair and Equal Internet in favor of these ISPs.

It is an unabashed attempt to take away your rights and give them to big business,so that they can stuff their greedy pockets with your hard earned money and promote any agenda they may have. They claim the present system is leaving them cash strapped. RIGHT!!   If Verizon could afford to pay their  CEO Lowell McAdam  $18.3 million in total compensation last year, and Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO of Comcast, took home a pay package worth $36.25 million last year, they are not exactly falling on the hard times as they claim. 

Why is it dangerous to end Net Neutrality?  A company like Comcast or Verizon with millions of subscribers, will have the absolute power to determine how you see the Internet. They will make web sites that they favor fast and easy to find and easy to use. But, they they will be able to restrict your access to other sites they don't favor by drastically slowing your speed when accessing those other sites making slow or unable to load. They will even be able to completely block your access to any site that they don't like, at will, with no explanation necessary.  

Prevent Competition:  They might argue that if you don't like their policies,  you can always change to another ISP. Really?  These guys would have the power to make any competitive site invisible to you. How would you even know what alternative ISPs exist? Maybe newspaper ads? Yellow Pages?  Verizon and Comcast could literally block you from seeing any site they want for any reason, including any prejudices that might be held by some company executives. Example: Block any site whose views on Politics, Religion, Social Issues, or anything else they didn't approve of. The possibilities of what they could control online are endless! 

Election Times:  The Net is extremely important at election time so people can make educated decisions about who to vote for. If Verizon decided a political party was more favorable to them than another, they could make it very difficult for you to visit websites supporting another party less favorable to them. 

Most of these ISPs offer streaming online movies, such as AT&T's Direct TV, Comcast's PPV, FIOs has the same thing.  One of their biggest goals is to charge you and companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and similar competition exorbitantly high rates to keep the speeds they now have and to continue to efficiently deliver their movies to you. 

This means companies like Netflix etc., will need to charge you a lot more money to watch their movies, than movies provided by these greedy ISPs. This will give the ISPs total power over where you can afford to watch your online movies. This would effectively be damaging or totally eliminating their competition over time.  


Interview with the man that coined the phrase Net Neutrality on Matter of Fact  with Soledad O'Brien

Wired Magazine:

28 Senators Suspect Corruption at the FCC: They are asking for a postponement of the decision to end Net Neutrality: 
"New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation into fake comments filed with the FCC on net neutrality."
Also 50,000 persons complained to their Senators that their comments supporting Net Neutrality are missing from the FCC Opinion page. 

This corruption sickens me. They are going to great lengths to take away our rights. We need to keep the pressure on and expose fraudulent attempts to end Net Neutrality,  or our rights are gone forever.

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John McDonald
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