Beware: New SCAM Received
Posted by John McDonald on 26 March 2020 12:19 PM

NOTICE:  If you receive an email like the one below, ignore it. It is a scam. The email address is registered by the country of Gabon in Africa. If you have all your websites and domain with Masscot, you can safely ignore any messages not coming from Masscot. When in doubt you can always forward any suspicious email regarding your websites to


This message is to alert you that your outstanding invoice no. 5a853024e60265f17448dbh9b1 due on 2020-03-24 is SUSPENDED. Please ensure that you confirm payment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to prevent any TERMINATION of services to YOURDOMAINNAME.COM

Do take note that if no payment is received within the next 3 business days, your data may be purged and deleted.

Disclaimer notice: We can't be held legally accountable for any claims, damages or losses which you might incur owing to the cancellation of YOURDOMAINNAME.COM. Any such losses may include but are not exclusively restricted to: monetary losses, delete data without backups, loss of SEO rankings, lost communications, undelivered e-mails or any other service, technical or business damages that you might suffer. For more information please consult section 6. a7 of our Terms of Service.


This is the final renewal notification which we are legally required to communicate in relation to the expiration of YOURDOMAINNAME.COM certificate.

All online services will be restored automatically on YOURDOMAINNAME.COM upon successful confirmation of payment. We thank you for your attention and continued business.


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