Domain Slamming Warning ALERT for Masscot Customers
Posted by John McDonald on 18 July 2011 06:00 PM

Masscot Customers are warned of 2 companies trying to trick people into switching their domain registrations by sending notices that look like authentic renewal notices. BUT THEY ARE NOT!!

Several Customers have reported such attempts to us in the past two weeks and one we know of has lost their money and has been trying to get it back .

Please ignore any EMAIL, Postal Mail or other methods from Domain Registry of America DROA. They have had multiple run ins with the Federal Trade Commission and recently one customer lost money he sent them when we caught the attempt and another customer almost sent money in but called us first and we stopped them in time. 

For other peoples experiences with this company please visit these links.

There is a new company trying to do the same thing but they don't even give their name. The just send official looking emails that say something like this:

Attention:  Important Notice


Complete and return by fax to:

4310 W. 190th St.
Suite # 63546
Torrance, CA 90504
United States of America

They make it look like a legitimate renewal notice from your registrar, but it is really a trick to get you to change to their registry through deceptive practices. Both charge much more than Masscot for registrations. The one sending the above message wants you to pay $42 per year as compared to Masscot's $20 and Domain Registry of America wants to trick you into paying $35.

Others may even try to gain ownership of your domain and rent its use back to you. In the past one customer answering an email not from either of the above companies but from someone in southeast Asia who tricked them into unknowingly transferring ownership of their domain to them  and then they wanted $1000 to sell it back to them.

Please report any solicitation you receive from wither of the above companies. The only legitimate notifications from Masscot will come from a Masscot Email Address. If in doubt, contact Masscot before responding to any domain name renewal notice.

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